ITEMAS for medical Centers

ITEMAS develops various working lines in order to reinforce and promote R&D&i at the medical centers that are members of the Platform:

  • Participation in the development of R&D&i projects
  • Training programs
  • Advertising the services and abilities your center can offer

ITEMAS for non-medical centers

ITEMAS offers several ways of participating in R&D&i programs and provides a series of services to its network of members and contacts:

  • Access to transferable results obtained from medical R&D&i
  • Access to a unified knowledge base
  • Access to contact networks to develop R&D&i projects

ITEMAS in figures

ITEMAS comprises 115 organizations including medical centers that are leaders in innovation, teaching, and industry.

  • +500

    being developed or transferred
  • +1.000

    Medical professionals
    involved in innovation activities
  • +1.500

    for new projects
  • +50

    Medical centers
    integrate ITEMAS

Portfolio of services

Technology transfer


Technology transfer projects are the product of the innovation units. Depending on how mature a project is, medical centers can search for partners who are available to join the market or are already active in the market.

The innovation support units of the ITEMAS Platform have led to many results in all areas of medical technology and therapy.

Technology transfer ver todos los proyectos

Capacity for R&D


The capacity for R&D is seen in the human and technological capital of the medical centers that make up ITEMAS. These serve the platform, the market, and society and can be contracted for external projects.

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Management and consultancy services

Management and consultancy services that hospitals and medical centers place at the disposal of other partners, the market, and society.

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