Join ITEMAS as non-medical Center

Why should I join ITEMAS?

  • Two-way contact between partners and members of ITEMAS with respect to management of innovation, good practice, and other areas associated with the expertise of our partners. Working groups can be created for specific areas (eg, technology, disease).
  • ITEMAS can help with aspects such as the detection of needs, opportunities, barriers, and promoters of innovation in the relevant sector.
  • Partners can state publicly for which projects they require cooperation or their R&D&I needs.
  • All ITEMAS partners will have at their disposal a list of parties that can facilitate joint development of R&D&I projects and the creation of consortia.
  • Where possible, ITEMAS will advertise its partners and their portfolio of services so that they can become known to all the members.

What should I contribute?

As a non-medical center, you are expected to promote innovation within your sector at national and, where possible, international level. You should be an organization whose experience and expertise can add value at the various stages of the innovation process.

How do I join the Platform?

  1. Completar el formulario que puede ver adjunto en este apartado y remitirlo por correo electrónico junto con la documentación que desea aportar al correo
  2. Una vez recibida la documentación, le contestaremos para que tenga constancia de la recepción. Por favor, en caso de no recibir respuesta en un plazo de 5 días, volver a escribir un correo electrónico sin adjuntos al mail:

Formulario para unirse como Entidad Colaboradora.