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Plataforma de Innovación en Tecnologías Médicas y Sanitarias (hereinafter ITEMAS [Medical Technology Innovation Platform] is the owner of the web domain Its registered address is at C/ Doctor Esquerdo 46, 28007 Madrid, Spain. ITEMAS can be contacted by telephone on +34 91 5866678 or by email at


The domain has been designed to disclose and make available information, data, products, and services (hereinafter “content”) to those persons (hereinafter the “user”) who access the domain (hereinafter “web site”).
 Below are set out the general and, where applicable, specific conditions that regulate access to and use of the ITEMAS web site. 


A person who accesses this web site become a user thereof. The status of user implies knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions and, where applicable, the specific conditions that regulate access to and use of this web site. We recommend that users consult the terms of use of the web site on a regular basis to ensure that they are aware of any changes, modifications, and updates.

The web site comprises text, graphs, images, videos, sound files, drawings, photographs, and software that may or may not be protected by intellectual property rights.

Access to the web site is free and does not require prior authorization, subscription, or registration, except for specific services and content where it is necessary for the user to subscribe or register, as determined in the general and specific conditions.

Access to the private area of the web site is limited to members and partners of ITEMAS. In this case, the user must log on (see Privacy Policy). Once the user has provided the necessary data, access will be possible with a user name and password. The user name and password chosen by the user is personal and nontransferable. The user undertakes to manage these data carefully and is not permitted to provide them to third parties. If the user loses or forgets the log-on data or suspects that they have been used without authorization, then he/she must contact ITEMAS as soon as possible. 

The service provided by ITEMAS via its web site is for an indefinite period. ITEMAS will take all possible measures to maintain the accuracy of the content and the quality of the web site. Nevertheless, this does not imply any obligation whatsoever with respect to the quality, accuracy of the content, and speed of access on the part of the owner of the web site. The owner of the web site reserves the right to modify or update the conditions of access or suspend access to the web site or any part thereof without notice.

Users who access the web site undertake at all times not to access the web site or content in any way that is contrary to that previously established and/or for unlawful purposes, with the intent to damage the rights and freedom of third parties, or in such a way that they damage, deteriorate, saturate, or slow the speed of the web site to the detriment of the owner of the web site or of third party users. 


The user accepts all responsibility for his/her access to the content of the web site. The owner of the web site will not be held responsible by the user for any negative consequences arising directly or indirectly from the user’s access to the web site, irrespective of whether these consequences are of a physical, logical, moral, or personal nature. 

The aims of the content of the web site are to inform and to make known the activities and products of and services provided by ITEMAS. This contentis general and advisory in nature.

ITEMAS can modify the content and remove or change the content on the web site and the access route in order to improve their quality or correct errors. During these modifications, ITEMAS will at all times make every effort to minimize the negative consequences that these changes can cause the user.

ITEMAS is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the web site and its content. Content includes but is not limited to information, messages, graphs, sound and image files, photographs, recordings, computer programs, databases, know-how, brands, distinctive signs, logos, and, in general, any type of creation or material that is accessible via the web site that is property of ITEMAS, as well as the web site itself. 

On the web site, access can also be obtained to content, services, and information that are third party property and whose rights are equally protected by current legislation on intellectual and industrial property.

Use of the web site or its content must be of an exclusively private nature. Only ITEMAS can make use that involves copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication, or any similar action of all or part of the content of its web site or of the web site itself. Therefore, no other user can carry out these actions for other purposes without previous written authorization by ITEMAS.

The content of the web site cannot be used to promote, contract, or disseminate publicity or information from third parties without the authorization of ITEMAS. Similarly, the web site cannot be used to provide publicity or information via through the services or information placed at the disposal of the users, irrespective of whether or not the use is free.

Links or hyperlinks on the web pages of third parties that redirect users to the ITEMAS web site will open the whole web site from the home page. Users cannot give—whether directly or indirectly—false, inaccurate, or confusing indications or enter into unlawful or unfair actions against ITEMAS.

ITEMAS monitors the quality of the links that appear on the web site. However, ITEMAS does not accept responsibility for the reliability or the speed of these links, nor does ITEMAS guarantee the usefulness of these links or of the content or services the user can access using these links or the proper functioning of the web sites of third parties.


For any dispute arising from the use of the web site or content subject to these conditions, the parties shall submit to the courts and tribunals of Madrid, Spain, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy

Personal data given voluntarily via the means at the client/user’s disposal are considered to be given expressly, accurately, and unequivocally. The client/user authorizes processing of these data for the purposes indicated. Since the personal data provided are very important for ITEMAS, we hereby provide information on the privacy policy of ITEMAS.

Personal data provided by the client/user of which the client/user is the owner or the legal representative are entered into our computerized database or filed as hard copy. On filing these data, ITEMAS takes responsibility for them and therefore applies all measures at our disposal to process them with the utmost confidentiality and to prevent them from becoming lost, misused, or accessed without authorization.

Other than in compliance with the legal regulations affecting our activity, we use personal data for administrative and management purposes and for effective performance and provision of the products and services requested. We also monitor the quality of these data in order to ensure that they are processed with the maximum professionalism possible. Similarly, these data can be used to send users information on products and services that ITEMAS may offer and that may be of interest. The information is for the technical and professional staff of ITEMAS. ITEMAS works with the best professionals in their respective specialist areas; therefore, where necessary, we will need to provide data in order to render the service requested.

ITEMAS does not sell, give, or otherwise transmit information or personal data of its clients/users to third parties, except for those communications envisaged by law for provision of the services requested and only, where necessary, to professionals rendering services according to the terms of current legislation on data protection.

ITEMAS requires data to be genuine and current in order to provide the best service possible. If these data are considered essential, then they must be completed. Otherwise, ITEMAS will not be able to provide the service or information requested. In the case of minors, the authorization of parents or legal guardians will be required in order to process the personal data provided.

The client/user authorizes processing of his/her personal data and the communication of these data to external agencies or to professionals that provide services to ITEMAS exclusively for the purposes set out above.

The client/user can access his/her personal information at any time, rectify it, and, if so desired, cancel it, all under the provisions of current legislation on protection of personal data.

The ITEMAS web site does not use cookies that enable personal data to be obtained without the consent of the client/user. The web site uses cookies to make it easier to use and to record access statistics. If the client or user wishes, he/she has access to cookie control software on his/her browser to limit or prevent cookies from being installed on his/her hard disk. 

If you wish to receive more information on our privacy policy, please write to