Experimental Radiology and Imaging Biomarkers Platform


The Experimental Radiology and Imaging Biomarkers Platform, leaded by the Biomedical Imaging Research Group (GIBI230), is a multidisciplinary platform of research in Medical Imaging and which involves an important number of recognized specialists. The platform's mission is to promote and develop the use of imaging biomarkers extracted from medical images, to optimize diagnostic and therapeutic applications of medical imaging through a multidisciplinary and multimodality approach, both in clinical and animal research.

Our team consists of radiologists, biomedical engineers, nuclear medicine specialists, physicists, chemists, technicians, and Managers of clinical trial, projects and financial issues.

Our work areas are:

Conceptualization, development and validation of imaging biomarkers.

Information integration of uni- and multivariate images in structured reports. Generation of imaging based knowledge bases.

Data mining of DICOM headers to assess and measure the quality of the medical imaging processes. 

New diagnostic techniques and procedures based on functional and molecular imaging.

Development of percutaneous techniques and generation of new systems for diagnosis and percutaneous local treatment.

Stem cells tracking by their labeling with nanoparticles and functional imaging, cell-tracking

Development of new contrast media using new forms of visualization as multispectral CT and MRI. 

Control of the safety aspects of ionizing radiation.


Large and small animal imaging:

  • 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Unit
    • Rat/Mouse/Rabbit Coils
    • Large animals Coils
    • Pulse programming capabilities
  • Angiography suite
  • Ultrasound system

Research area:

  • Post-processing Workstations
  • In-house software




Full coverage on imaging research and biomarkers validation, with professional skills from biology to medicine, bioengineering to statistics.

Services offered


Project Design: Advice and support in the definition and design of studies and projects where medical imaging is used to diagnose and locate biological and cellular processes of disease and guide therapy by noninvasive percutaneous procedures.

MR Imaging acquisition: Acquisition 3-Tesla MRI coils dedicated to animals and research software environment at high spatial and temporal resolution.

Image Acquisition US: US acquisition with multi-probes.

Angiographic studies: Acquisition in flat detector angiography with high resolution and real-time control.

Medical image processing: Development and implementation of algorithms for medical image processing for the extraction of imaging biomarkers.

Statistical analysis of image data: Data analysis in an environment of professional collaboration bioinformatics (biostatistics and data mining).

Evaluation of devices and materials: Evaluation of stents and other devices used or aspect guided therapy.