Cebiotex has developed and characterized, in vitro and in vivo, preclinical nonwoven nanofiber membranes for the controlled release of active agents for the local treatment of unresectable tumors.

The purpose of local delivery improves the safety and efficacy of the active agents. Cebiotex assess the activity, toxicity and the pharmacokinetics of their products in preclinical models.

Cebiotex is the first spin-off company created by the collaboration of researchers at priminent institutions, such as Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ans SJd Barcelona Children's Hospital, both in Barcelona (Spain). Our multidisciplinary team is made of experts in nanofiber engineering, preclinical pharmacology and drug delivery research.

Current status:

  • Company Founded (2012): Cebiotex
  • Worlswide patented
  • Clinical Trials (2015)


Angel Montero - Researcher in SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Jaume Pérez Payarols - Innovation and Research Director in SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital





CEBIOTEX, biomedical nanofibers