Cina Calcet


Tumors manifesting at the pediatric age are known as developmental tumors. The group of developmental tumors includes neuroblastomas (NBs), ganglioneuroblastomas (GNBs) and ganglioneuromas (GNs), forming th group of neuroblastic tumors (NTs). neuroblastic tumors are the most common solid extracranial childhood tumors. NTs are developed from neural crest cells which have already been compromised during peripheral nervous system formation, so they are located in the adrenal medulla or in the ganglia of the paravertebral sympathetic chain.

Most localized NTs have exelent survival rates, but today metastatic NBs have survival rates about 40%, despite being subjected to intensive  multimodal therapies.

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has developed a methodology for the preparation of the medication to treat neuroblastic tumors, in particular, for the treatment of NBs, GNBs and GNs, using the allostetic activator of the calcium sensing receptor, Cinacalcet.

Current status:

  • Worldwide patented


  • Carmen de Torres - Pediatric oncologist at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Jaume Pérez Payarols - Innovation and Research Director at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital