The Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe has developed a software, an electronic portfolio, which consist of a repository that stores the full experience of residents during their learning period: competence acquisition, results of formative assessments performed through direct observation at the place of work and at clinical simulation laboratory, tutors feedback, assistance activity record, techniques used, training and research activities, personal reflections, and comparative analysis of the evolution of professional development in each area, with its peers and with the best professionals.  The software, in addition to the clinical evaluation forms and procedures designed with the rubric methodology, also includes a clinical practice manual for the specialty so that the training specialist knows what is expected of his performance during evaluations.

The software is a tool to support the implementation of competency-based MIR training programs. Currently designed specifically for the European CoBaTRiCE (Competency Based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe) program.

The software objectives are:


Promote the acquisition of competences through

objective and structured formative evaluation as a learning engine


Facilitate the tutor work as an essential guide to the

training process


Facilitate the development of individual improvement



In 2017, 6,325 job vacancies have been assigned in 44 different medical

specialties in Spain, similar figures to those in the last 5 years.


The software is fully developed for the Intensive Care Service of any national hospital and ready to license. In order to be used by other specialties other than Intensive Care Medicine, it would be necessary to include in the software the specific competences of each specialty.


The software aims to be very useful for the correct application of specialized medical training programs based on competencies. At present, it is fully developed for the Intensive Medicine Specialty, but new developments could be made for other medical specialties and even for medical students.

Protection status

The software is registered in the Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe as Intellectual Property registration number 2016/02

Desired cooperation

A company interested in signing a license agreement for commercial exploitation. Or hospital partners interested in a collaborative project to implement the software in other services.