Hospital Líquido 2.0


The H2O project is the instrument that seeks to transform SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital into a liquid Hospital. A liquid Hospital is a hospital whose activities are expanded beyond the walls of the hospital building. The philosophy of work can be expressed in three concepts:

  1. Facilitator: A hospital which facilitates transfer of knowledge and information where possible: "Bits and not atoms are moved".
  2. Open: A hospital that encourages conversation with its customers and listens to them.
  3. Transparent: A hospital that publishes its clinical outcomes and customer feedback to better meet its expectations.

The aim of the project is to take advantage of advances in information and communication technologies with very specific objectives, in which different needs (need to interact, exchange services and knowledge sharing) come together and gives the answer using the technologies and 2.0 tools available.

This project generated the following products and services:

Current status:

  • Plan avanza 2009
  • Applied and working at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital


Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia - Project manager in SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital