Drip Stands are infusion support systems that are used daily among hospitalized patients. In 2009, Guillermo Puche, a nurse at the SJD Barcelona Childrens Hospital, noticed that hospitalized children were getting on the drip stand to move arround the hospital, although the product was not prepared for this purpose. From this observation was born the first internal innovation idea od the  Hospital: to create a pediatric drip stand with a platform for patients to move around the Hospital safely.

Pal-Joc is a drip stand and toy that allows children to play while they receive medication and move around the Hospital as if the drip stand was a scooter.

The innovation was carried out in collaboration with La Llotja School, IDOM Engineering and the Spanish Toy Safety agency (AIJU).

Current status:

  • Marketed since 2012
  • Exhibited in Museu del Diseny (2014)


  • Guillermo Puche Rubio - Nurse at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Jaume Pérez Payarols - Innovation and Research Director in SJs Barcelona Children's Hospital