Acute respiratory infections are a serious global health issue. The afected patients usually present non-specific symptoms that make the clinical diagnosos difficult.

Rapid detection and identification of the bacteria and/or virus responsible for these infections is key to determinate the appropriate treatment quickly, allowing for the better recovery of the patient.

The molecular techniques that facilitate the differential diagnosis are only available in central laboratories and require the use of costly equipment.

A Europen consortium, of which the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is a member, has developed a new, completely automated "point-of-care" device, which will facilitate the molecular diagnosis of the main respiratory bacteria and viruses within the various health care sites (hospitals, healthcare centres, etc.).

After simply depositing samples inside it, the RESPOC device performs multiple analyses with minimal operator intervention and provides accurate results in less than one hour.

Current status:

  • In progress


  • Pedro Brotons de los Reyes - Researcher at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Carmen Muñoz Almagro - Researcher at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Jaume Pérez Payarols - Innovation and Research Director at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital