Training Karyotypes


A team of professionals from SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital created in 2014 Training Karyotipes, the first mobile application in the world that allows making karyotypes using human chromosomes.

The Training Karyotypes app facilitates the learning of Cytogenetics outside the laboratory environment for students, graduates, biology graduates and other disciplines related to genetics and biomedical sciences.

The application proposes 269 cases in which the user has to order the chromosomes to determine if they have any alterations, learning to write the chromosomal formula.

The app is avaliable for iPad devices and can now b downloaded in the App Store in two versions:

  • Free Version. It offers 5 karyotipes and three levels of difficulty.
  • Complete version. It offers 269 karyotypes and three levels of difficulty. The price is 3.99 euros.

Currents state

  • Marketed since 2014


  • Dr. Jaume Pérez Payarols - Innovation and Research Director of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital