Molecular Diagnostics Platform

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia


The Biodonostia HRI Molecular Diagnostics Platform was set up to meet the demand from hospitals and private centres for different molecular studies on genetic pathologies, drawing support from acquired experience and from the new Next-Generation Sequencing techniques (NGS).

The Biodonostia HRI Diagnostics Platform offers the molecular study of a wide range of genetic pathologies for patients with clinical profiles suggestive of hereditary disease, the study of carriers for the family members of patients and a prenatal study in couples carrying mutations and/or with family antecedents.

The Biodonostia Molecular Diagnostics Platform offers these diagnostic services, guaranteeing the personalised care of a qualified team equipped with the necessary technology and specific apparatus to provide relevant, individualized genetic counselling to the specialist clinic of origin.  

Manager: Pilar Camano Gonzalez.

Contact (Tel./email): +34 943 006127;