Clinical Research Platform

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia


The fundamental purpose of the Clinical Research Platform (CRP) is to create an infrastructure to support clinical research at hospitals, capable of promoting people’s health and well-being through the management of patient-based clinical research, consolidating clinical trials without commercial interest and boosting privately-promoted clinical studies in the search for excellence in both fields.

The Biodonostia HRI Clinical Research Unit forms part of the Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Units Platform at the Carlos III Health Institute, associated to the European network ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network).

Included in the Clinical Trials Platform’s scope of action are trials with medication, health products and those that study other therapeutic health operations. Also included are randomized clinical trials with intervention for diagnostic, preventive or service purposes.

 Through this Unit, the Institute offers advice and support in matters related to regulation and processing, economic aspects, medication management and clinical trial performance.

Manager: Ioana Riaño Fernández.

Contact (Tel./email): +34 943 006255;