Public-Private Collaboration

Developed by: Red Andaluza de diseño y traslación de Terapias Avanzadas


The proper implementation of RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND TRANSFER PROGRAMMES requires collaboration between public and private agencies. In this regard, the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies was set up with the clear commitment to act as link and activator driver of such public-private collaboration.

We have identified certain therapeutic candidates which could not come to maturity without the existence of public-private consortia collaborating in the development of medicinal products or therapies. It is for this reason that the Coordination Unit of the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies has established an extensive network of contacts and collaborative links with the business sector, giving rise to agreements for research and co-development covering all phases of medicinal products developments, from manufacture to marketing.

Within the new open innovation paradigm prevailing in the development of new medicinal products, the Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies stands out as a privileged partner within the Andalusian Public Health System. Thus we are able to provide a platform for maturing technologies at the service of society.