Liquid Biopsy Analysis Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Santiago de Compostela (IDIS)


The Liquid Biopsy Analysis Unit has CellSearchTM (Veridex) systems allowing isolate and quantify cells present in peripheral blood by immunomagnetic enrichment techniques and immunofluorescence identificaición. Its main application is aimed at detailed analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTC), but also allows the determination of other cell types such as endothelial cells.


CellTracks AutoPrep System is an equipment designed for automated sample processing. It applies to the initial sample immunomagnetic separation procedures to isolate and mark cells of interest using monoclonal antibodies combined with fluorophores.

CellTracks Analyzer II is a semi-automated fluorescence microscope that lets list the previously isolated and labeled cells with CellTracks AutoPrep System

This platform can provide the following services:

Determination of CTC for clinical use as a marker of prognosis and monitoring in metastatic cancer of colon, breast and prostate (approved by the FDA)

Determination of CTC as cancer marker in drug development

Determination of CTC as control parameter for surgery in neoplasic patients 

Translational research with certain types of carcinomas and melanomas

Determination of circulating endothelial and / or progenitor cells 

CTC characterization by biomarkers (eg Her2 / Neu, IGFR, progenitor cells, etc.)

CTC separation or Circulating endothelial cells for later molecular analysis (PCR, FISH, flow cytometry, etc.)

Investigation of tumor spread dynamics in animal models (rats / mice) with carcinoma xenografts.