Animal Housting Facility

Developed by: Sant Joan de Déu Fundació de Recerca


 The Animal Experimentation Unit of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is located in the basement floor of the Sant Joan de Déu education Building. Conceived for the research connected with the use of laboratory animals is carried out by researchers of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and the University of Barcelona, it has been designed and built according to the regulations established by the Government of Catalonia in Decree 214/97, dated 20th of July. In Compliance with this decree, the unit is registered with the Department of the Environment under the number B9900063.

Facility and equipment

The unit has an independent animal housting area which can accommodate different species of animals (small rodents and lagomorphs) under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and light/dark cycles. It also has a specific housting area for immunidepressed animals.

Likewise, there are three experimentation rooms that are equipped to allow their users to carry out their research, with surgery tables, lamps, anaesthesia equipment, scales, -80º freezer, 4º refrigerator, autoclave, agitators, etc., as well as computer support media.


The Animal Experimentation Unit, which is equipped with suitable facilities to provide support for the research has these functions:

  • To supply and maintain experimentation animals
  • To assure the appropriate care of the animals and to verify their welfare and health status
  • To provide counselling ans technical support to users
  • To assure that compliance is made with all the ethical standards and legal rules established in Decree 214/97 of the Government of Catalonia
  • To assess the experimental procedures through the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (CEEA) of the University of Barcelona.
You can obtain the models and the forms necessary for the submission of procedures to CEEA by clicking here.

Contact information

Dra. Amèrica Giménez - Consultant of animal welfare of the SJD Barcelona Childrens Hospital.