Laboratory of bioartificial organs and matrices

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


It is a Research Support Service whose purpose is the achievement of decellularized organs and matrices from animal and human organs, with the aim of subsequently recellularizating them with different cell types. Thus, achieving viable matrices that serve as substitution constructs for diseased organs, that do not produce rejection when transplanted. Managed by a quality system (GLP), allows to develop all the projects in a reproducible way and with proven traceability, thus, speeding up the clinical translation.

This laboratory is part of the Platform of Regenerative Medicine and Bioartificial Organs (of which Dr. Fernández-Avilés is Scientific Director) and is also included in the framework of the SABIO project, objective of a consortium participated by the ONT (National Transplant Organisation), the University of Minnesota and “Gregorio Marañón” University General Hospital. Other services involved are Cardiology, Digestive, Nephrology, Plastic Surgery, Traumatology and Pathological Anatomy.

Contact information

Dra Mª Eugenia Fernández Santos, Laboratory Technical Director
Phone: +34 91 5290521; E-mail:

Dr Francisco Fernández-Avilés, Project coordinator
Phone: +34 91 4265882; E-mail: