Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


The objective of Gregorio Marañón Hospital’s BioBank (BioBanco HGM) is achieved thanks to the support of organizations and people who collaborate with it, such as:

  • Cohorts of patients with defined characteristics and different pathologies. Cohort coordinators are responsible for collecting and guarding the clinical information associated with the samples. Currently the BioBanco HGM hosts samples of 6 cohorts: the respiratory disease cohort, endocrinology cohort, neonatology cohort, oncology cohort, rare disease cohort and infectious disease cohort.
  • The different services of the Gregorio Marañón University General Hospital, which deposit the samples in the BioBanco HGM, after signing an agreement in which the conditions for this deposit are established. Currently participating in the deposit of biological material are the services of pediatrics, neonatology, oncology and anesthesia.
  • The BioBank personnel responsible for the management, reception, processing, cryopreservation and transfer of samples.
  • Other collaborating agencies are the “Ethics Committee” and the “Scientific Committee”, which participate in decision-making and evaluate the projects for which biological material is requested from the BioBanco HGM.
  • And finally, there are the researchers who are given samples for projects of excellence, previously approved by the scientific committee and the ethics committee.

All the processes carried out in the BioBanco HGM are subject to a strict quality management system, based on the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001, in which the BioBanco HGM is certified, and which guarantees the quality of the samples and the compliance of the existing ethical and legal regulations.


To contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge of various pathologies and to assign, for research activities, biological samples of patients. These samples are received,
registered, processed, codified and cryopreserved in the Biobank of Gregorio Hospital Marañón (BioBanco HGM). Subsequently they are transferred to research projects, previously approved by an ethics committee and a scientific committee.

Dr. María Ángeles Muñoz-Fernández, Scientific Director and Head of Implementation of new techniques. Tel: 91 529 05 09, e-mail: or

Isabel Mª García Merino, Coordinator, Manager of Quality and Responsible for File. Tel: 91 529 05 09, e-mail:

Biobank HIV HGM Hospital GU Gregorio Marañón. Mother and Child Building. Plant -1. Door-1 D04. C / Dr. Esquerdo, 46. (28007) Madrid.