Animal facilities

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


It is a Research Support Service aimed at equipping researchers with those animals that are most suitable for the purpose of their research, as well as to maintain the appropriate environmental and sanitary conditions to correctly carrying out its activities and ensuring the welfare of animals.

This service is addressed to all researchers of the Institute as well as those from other centers, being an essential requirement that they are properly accredited for the handling of animals, so it is necessary to have the corresponding professional qualification (at least categories "B" or "C" , Royal Decree 1201/2005). In any case, the participation of a specialist technician can be offered.

The Animal facilities service from the Institute is part of the Unit for Experimental Medicine and Surgery (UMCE).

Contact details:

Contact person: Dr. Fernando Asensio Rubio, Responsible for the animal facilities

Responsable: Francisco Sánchez Cobos. Técnico en Experimentación Animal

Tel.: 91 586 6452/8102