Cell cultures

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


It is a Research Support Service that provides the researcher with trained technical personnel and suitable facilities exclusively dedicated to support the experimentation that requires cell cultures, from human tissues or experimental animals. This service allows to carry out cell cultures under conditions of biosafety level 2 (P2).

Cell cultures are a basic tool in biomedical research, since they allow to perform many functional studies at the cellular level, for example: studies of proliferation, differentiation, viability, toxicity, apoptosis, adhesion and cell migration, etc.

This research support service reflects the need to provide adequate support to research groups that do not have their own facilities to carry out cell biology experiments. The starting point is the inventory of the available resources, both material and knowledge, so this unit can organize, size and adapt itself to present and future needs..

This service is aimed at all the research groups of the Institute that intend to perform experimentation in cellular biology.

Contact details

Contact persons:

Dr. Paloma Sánchez Mateos, scientific contact
Tel: +34 91 586 8624 e-mail: rsanchezma.hgugm@salud.madrid.org

Dr. Juan Antonio Rodríguez Feo, technical contact
Tel: +34 91 586 8841 e-mail: jantoniorodriguez@iisgm.com