Unidad de microscopía confocal

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


It is a Research Support Service that performs confocal fluorescence microscopy of living cells and fixed samples (cell or tissue). Confocal microscopy allows to know the expression, spotting and interrelation of molecules, subcellular structures and / or cells in a three-dimensional (3D) or temporal (4D) context.

The most frequent applications are the three-dimensional reconstruction of samples from images arranged in series, the studies of colocalization of markers and the quantification of certain parameters in regions of interest (fluorescence intensities, area, morphology, number of cells).

The Confocal Microscopy Unit has its own research lines to design new experimental approaches, application-user tuning and image and data analysis tools.

This service is addressed to all research groups of the Institute and to research centers, companies and other institutions who request it.

Contact details:

Contact persons:

Dr. Paloma Sánchez Mateos, scientific contact 
Tfno: +34 91 586 8624,
e-mail: rsanchezma.hgugm@salud.madrid.org

Dr. Rafael Samaniego, technical contact
Tel. +34 91 586 8739, e-mail: confocal@hggm.es