Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Developed by: Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotecnología BIONAND


Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a highly versatile technique that can provide not only excellent morphological data, but also functional and Physiological information as well. Furthermore, important recent advances in the development of highly sensitive contrast agents Using Nanotechnology have brought MRI into the molecular imaging arena. Thus, small animal MRI scanners have become a key tool in the development of magnetic Nanoparticles for medical diagnosi and therapy.


Bruker BioSpec 9.4T/20 animal MRI system


  • Anatomical Studies: tumors, inflammation, Degenerative diseases, etc. 
  • Functional Studies: brain perfusion, vascular permeability, in vivo metabolic profiling, etc.
  • Pharmocokinetics and Biodistribution of new Contrast Agents (or any drug magnetically labeled)
  • Monitoring of Drug Delivery and Targeting 

María Luisa García Martín


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