Tumor bank

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


It is a Research Support Service that is associated with the Tumor Bank of the CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Center). These Hospitals Tumor Banks are installed in Pathology Anatomy Services of collaborating hospitals, being connected to each other through a computer network. In this way, the tissue of each Center is in the Hospital itself, constituting a key element in the development of intrahospitalary assistance activities, teaching and research, but at the same time it is a tool for the promotion of multi-hospital cancer research and cooperation between basic and clinical researchers, being an important meeting point between different biomedical disciplines.

Dr. Emilio Álvarez, Scientific-Medical Officer


Pilar Sandoval, Technician Building Anatomy Pathology

University Hospital Gregorio Marañón

C / Dr. Esquerdo, 46. (28007) Madrid