Super-resolution Microscopy

Developed by: Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotecnología BIONAND


Fluorescence microscopy offers a wide array of tools for visualizing microscopic events. The intrinsic diffraction of light has historically made it difficult to use fluorescence to distinguish structures closer than 200nm apart.  Super-resolution microscopy refers to techniques that selectively activate fluorescent molecules to map their position with up to 10 times more accuracy than conventional fluorescent microscopy. With the aim of promoting the use nanoscale imaging in biomedicine, Bionand has established Spain’s first N-STORM super-resolution platforms dedicated to practical applications.  The Nikon N-Storm system is capable of localizing molecules with a resolution of up to 20nm.


Nikon Eclipse Ti N-Storm


  • Structure determination of nanometric structures 
  • High resolution neuron tracing
  • Correlative microscopy
  • Single molecular studies
  • Nanoscale cytoskeletal and vesicle trafficking studies

John Robert Pearson

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