Paraffin wax histology service

Developed by: Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotecnología BIONAND


This technique is the choice for processing most of the histological samples, which are rather soft.

The Unit Offers:

  • Fixation, processing and embedding of samples
  • Microtome sectioning
  • Mounting of tissue sections on microscope slides
  • Histological staining:
  • Hematoxylin-eosin
  • Goldner Trichromic
  • Toluidine blue


  • LEICA TP 1020 Semi-enclosed Benchtop Tissue Processor with 100 samples capacity
  • LEICA EG1150C Cold plate EG1150
  • INDELAB Wax oven
  • HM 360 THERMO SCIENTIFIC Motorized rotary microtome designed for all applications of paraffin, semi-thin and hard specimens in clinical, research, and industrial labs
  • Histotherm flotation bath
  • Slidewarmer

Eva Jiménez

952 367 606