Clinical Trials Unit (UPIC)

Developed by: Fundació Institut d´Investigació en Ciències de la Salut Germans Trias i Pujol


UPIC unit unifies the IGTP and Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol will of promoting clinical and biomedical investigation by providing access to facilities and staff for clinical research in our center. The unit offers a 400 m2 installation located at 2nd floor in the hospital as well as nursing, administrative and medical research support staff to care about people participating in clinical research projects. Those projects can include phase I, II, III or IV clinical trials and also observational studies, both scientific independent or industry sponsored research.

It’s the framework for the IGTP participation in the Spanish Clinical Research Network (SCReN), a platform of clinical investigation and clinical trials units that aims to help theindependent investigation in a national and european network.

The Ethics Research Committee (ERC)of IGTP/HUGTiPhas become one of the most sought after Commitees in Spain for the evaluation of clinical research. This is especially true for those multicenter clinical projects where it is necessary to coordinate the evaluation of the different centers in order to obtain a valid single resolution for the whole country.Thenumber of active clinical trials in 2014 was slightly higher than in previous years.

Magí Farré
Clinical Pharmacologist
UPIC Manager for the Germans Trias Hospital and Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Unit

Contact: Maria Borrut, Administrative Assistant
(+34) 93 497 84 88

Federico Vázquez San Miguel
Medical Coordinator for IGTP Clinical Research and Project Manager for SCReN Projects

Ana Maria Barriocanal Barriocanal
Clinical Pharmacologist
Coordinator of UPIC for IGTP and Project Manager for SCReN Project