Immunohistochemestry and Image Analysis Laboratory

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz



The Immunohistochemistry and Image Analysis Laboratory, which is integrated in the IdiPAZ research support platform, was established with the following objective:

  • Cover and improve the technical and scientific expectations of the Institute researchers, thereby meeting the priority objectives of IdiPAZ, which are the promotion of translational biomedical research and innovation, synergies the efficient use of facilities and the participation of researchers in training programmes.

The Immunohistochemistry and Image Analysis Laboratory offers an extensive variety of techniques that range from routine histological techniques to immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent techniques in cells, whole organs and tissues, either frozen, fresh or embedded in paraffin. The Laboratory also offers a powerful image analysis platform.

The Image Core Unit is located within the IdiPAZ research support platforms to provide researchers with high-end microscopy and histology systems to support bioimaging research. This laboratory offers services for IdiPAZ staff and students as well as other universities, hospitals and external clients. Since Bioimaging techniques are a valuable tool in biomedical and health research IdiPAZ offers the Image Core Unit as a centralized service that provides individual, customized support including project planning, sample preparation, image acquisition and analyses for a wide range of specimens.

The Image Core Unit has two service streams; a full end-to-end service provided by specialist staff, or a “Do it Yourself” service providing access to laboratory facilities, specialist equipment and consumables. In addition, we provide expert service, advice and training for all bioimaging techniques and paraffin. This includes frozen section and specialist histological processing, cutting and staining requirements to obtain the high quality throughput that users need. The Image Core Unit operates on a fee for services basis for all services and laboratory access.

Two laboratories operate within the Image Platform – the Immunohistochemistry and the Image Analyse Laboratories. They both have been committed to excellence, quality, consultation, scientific and technique evaluation and collaboration to produce high quality images with accurate results in an efficient, timely manner. In addition to a wide range of histological services available to researchers, we provide comprehensive immunohistochemistry staining, troubleshooting services and methods for the preparation and staining of cells (cultures, cytospins). Facilities are available for conventional, fluorescence and confocal microscopy, heat induced epitope retrieval, as well as advice and protocols on any area of histology.

The laboratory is currently fully operational and has the capacity to support researchers primarily from IdiPAZ, although we have also opened the use of our equipment and techniques to groups outside the Institute.



• Leica TP1020 tissue processor

• Leica EG1160 paraffin embedding station

• Leica CM3050 S motorised cryostat

• Leica RM2255 motorised microtome, bath and cooling tray

• Combi

• Shandon microtome and bath


• Dako Autostainer Plus

• Memmet oven

• Tray and stirrer

• Shandon Cytospin 2


  • Preparation and cutting of frozen and paraffin-embedded samples
  • Processing of samples: routine histology, histo-enzymology and immunohistochemistry
  • Image analysis


María Teresa Vallejo Cremades


Telephone: +34 91 727 75 26


Elena Algarra López 


Susana García Pérez


Telephone: +34 912 071 512