Genomics Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur


The IISGS Genomics Unit offers technical support and advice in the development of methodologies related to genetic analysis and gene expression studies. Today, knowledge on genetic bases behind hereditary diseases as well as genetic diagnosis in patients with known pathologies are essential in the application of treatments and the development of new therapies specific to the patient’s genotype.


  • ABI PRISM 310 Genetic Analyzer (Applied Biosystems)
  • 2720 Thermal Cycler (Applied Biosystems)
  • GeneAmp PCR System 9700 thermal cycler (Applied Biosystems)
  • Biodrop µLite Spectrophotometer
  • 7300 Real Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems)
  • Eppendorf Thermomixer C (Eppendorf)
  • ChemiDoc XRS System (BioRad) / ImageQuant350 (GE Healthcare)
  • Microcentrifuges: Mikro200 (Hettich) and Allegra X-22R (Beckman Coulter) Horizontal electrophoresis systems
  • Molecular Biology basic equipment (refrigerators; freezers; deepfreezers; thermostatic bath; centrifuges; UV transilluminator; Milli-Q Water Purifier System…)