Cell Culture Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur


The IISGS Cell Culture Unit provides scientific and technical support in animal and human cell cultures while offering different services for diagnostic or basic research purposes, including training of health professionals and the development of new protocols


  • Autoclave Selecta Presoclave II
  • Baño termostatizado J.P. Selecta Precisdig 6001187
  • 2 Cabinas de flujo laminar Telstar Bio II Advance
  • Centrífuga con accesorios Eppendorf 5810
  • Centrífuga con accesorios refrigerada Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R
  • Congelador vertical (-20°C) Radiber CVE-480-25
  • 2 Congeladores verticales (-80°C) Thermo Scientific
  • Contador de células automático Millipore Scepter 2.0
  • Contenedores de nitrógeno líquido Air Liquide y MVE Lab
  • Equipo de monitorización a tiempo real ACEA Bio xCELLigence RTCA DP
  • Fluorímetro de microplacas Berthold Technologies Twinkle LB 970
  • Frigorífico Radiber FFD 500
  • 2 Incubadores de CO2 Memmert INCO 246 med
  • Espectrofotómetro de microplacas Biochrom Asys UVM340
  • Microscopio invertido Leica DM IL LED

El IISGS has two culture rooms. One of them is dedicated to working with Adeno-Associated Virus transfected cells. In addition, a P2 Laboratory (BSL-2) has been recently installed, equipped with biological safety cabinets, negative pressure system, airlock entry and other physical containment equipment, making it suitable for working with moderately hazardous agents associated with human diseases (i.e. pathogenic or infectious organisms).