Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz



Many research groups are part of IdiPAZ perform basic techniques of molecular biology, which involves the use of expensive equipment that most often can not afford. Therefore Molecular Biology Laboratory is equipped with computers that give support that groups need for the realization of the techniques they need and where you will find technical advice for the proper performance of these techniques.

Equipamiento / Know-How del grupo relevante

• Spectrophotometer (NanoDrop)

• X-Ray Developer machine

• 2 End-Point termal cyclers

• Sorvall Evolution RC Centrifuge with F21S and SLA- 1500 fixed-angle rotors

• Gel Documentation system

• 2 Thermal cyclers for quantitative PCR (LightCycler)

• Fluorescente scanner (Ettan DIGE Imagen)

• Synergy 4 modular microplate reader based on double monochromators and filtres for reading absoption, fluorescente and luminescence whit injectors, temperature control and shaking

• 2 Precision Scales


Genetic engineering


Carolina Peña Granero

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Julia Caso García


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Susana García Pérez


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