Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur


The Biobank of the Galicia Sur Health Research Institute, associated to the Spanish National Biobank Network, is a biomedical research support platform acting as a link between donors, clinicians and researchers, with the aim of ensuring safe and effective treatment of human biological samples and associated clinical data.

The purpose of the Biobank is to promote and facilitate studies in different areas of biomedical research, essential for the development of personalized medicine, contributing to the advance in the knowledge of the diseases, its prevention, diagnosis and treatment with the consequent social benefit.


  1. To support the development of biomedical research at the Galicia Sur Health Research Institute in accordance with quality, safety, confidentiality and traceability requirements imposed by current legislation
  2. To provide methodological, legal and technological advice to researchers in obtaining human biological samples and clinical information for use in biomedical research projects
  3. To ensure the association of every sample with an accurate and relevant diagnosis that enables a high quality investigation
  4. To ensure quality of stored samples, their number and representativeness of the most common pathologies
  5. To maximize resources, sharing infrastructure and harmonizing standard operating procedures