Radioisotope Laboratory

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz



The radioactive facility of IdiPAZ laboratories is authorised by the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (Nuclear Safety Council, CSN) for operation using the following radionuclides: 3H, 33P, 32P, 125I and 51Cr. Personnel of the Radiological Protection Department of HULP conduct radiological protection and periodically monitor laboratory contamination levels. They are also responsible for the removal and management of waste products and the management of users’ personal dosimeters.


The radioisotope laboratory contains exclusive areas for the use of ß and  isotopes, aliquot withdrawal and storage of radiolabeled compounds and equipment for exclusive use with radioactive material.

The laboratory has the following equipment:

• CO2 incubator

• Cell harvester

• Beta counter

• Hybridisation oven

• Gel dryer

• SpeedVac® concentrator

• Screens and containers specifically for  and  radiation emitters

• High-energy  and  contamination detectors (Geiger counter)


The use of radioisotopes in the fields of research and education is based mainly on their use as isotopic tracers covering a wide range of disciplines and applications, including:

  • Tests by means of molecular markers in applications in the fields of biology biochemistry pharmacology, biotechnology bromatology medicine, etc. 
  • Dating samples.
  • Process control

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