Automatic Sequencing Laboratory

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz



The goal of the Sequencing Lab is supporting the research by increasing the scientific production. The proximity with the clinical diagnosis strongly implies the Lab in the genetic analysis techniques needed for the diagnosis of genetic diseases, developing in this way an example of translational research.

With the aim of achieving its objectives and supporting the research teams, the DNA Sequencing Lab has technicians and advance equipments for sequencing (Sanger method), genotyping of DNA markers and different molecular biology techniques.

Annual tests of quality control and results homologation guarantee the quality of sequencing and genotyping. It follows internal, national and international (EMQN) tests.

The available equipments are calibrated to detect more than 30 polimorphisms in a single sample, using a maximum of 5 fluorescences at the same time, and making possible the detection of different allelic sizes in the same sample, because of the electrophoretic migration.


For the purposes of processing, the laboratory has two Applied Biosystems sequencers model ABI PRISM Genetic Analyzer 3130xl (16 capillaries) and an ABI PRISM Genetic Analyzer 3730xl (96 capillaries). 

  • Eppendorf centrifuge 5415D
  • Veriti thermocicler (Applied Biosystems)
  • Liquid dispenser EpMOTION eppendorf
  • Automated sequencers 3130xl y 3730xl, (Applied Biosystems-Life Technologies)


  • Sequencing Analysis 5.3.1
  • Sequence Scanner 1.0
  • GeneMapper 4.0
  • Peak Scanner 1.0

These facilities have allowed us to meet user demand and adjust the response time to meet user needs.


This equipment can currently process around 1000 samples, both fragments and sequence analysis, weekly.

Rocío Mena de la Cruz



Inmaculada Rueda Arenas

María Victoria Gómez del Pozo 

Telephone: +34 912 071 010 (Ext.235/226)