Animal House and Experimental Surgery

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)



Hosting, rodents, large animals, maintenance, breeding, surgery


It began operating in 1977 to advise and support research project of IRYCIS. Covering an area of 692 m2 it is divided into two physically separate zones: large animals and rodents.

Services of the animal house:

 • Hosting of different species, including large animals.

 • Collection, breeding and maintenance of certain types of animals.

 • pre-surgical and post-surgical treatments for large and small animals.

 • Management of genetically modified animal colonies.

 • Anesthesia and monitoring of large animals (pig, sheep, dog, etc.).

 • Anesthesia and monitoring of small animals (rat, mouse, etc.).

 • Major, minor and rigid laparoscopic surgery.

 • Rays "X" scopy and plates.

 • Microsurgery.



 Area of large animals: Comprising 3 independent and multipurpose rooms equipped to accommodate various species such as rabbits, pigs, sheep and dogs.

 Area rodents, consisting of: Living Quarantine, Animal External room, room with SPF animal ventilated racks, immunosuppressed, etc.

 In addition it has an anechoic room (size: 260 x 270 cm). Exposure of rodents to RF up to 10 GHz L.

All activities conducted in experimental animals within our facilities are subject to European legislation (EC Directive 63/2010) and Spanish (RD 1201/2005 on the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes), being recognized by the Competent Authority registration number: EX27 UC. The activity of this unit is strongly linked to research activities and participated with their means and resources in various projects and publications.


Scientific Coordinators

  • Carlos Correa Gorospe.
  • Ana I. Ortiz Chercoles.

Phone number +34 91336 84 47 / +34 91 336 80 74
e-mail: carlos.correa(ELIMINAR) / ana.i.ortiz(ELIMINAR)