Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)


Biological samples, collections, aliquots


The Biobank of Hospital Ramón y Cajal hosts collections of biological samples for biomedical research. The creation of biological capital Biobank can have two origins: 1- The excess of previous research projects; 2- The samples obtained by biological capitalization program.

Biobank services:

·         Support to develop a Deposit Agreement Document.

·         Sample Processing: Liquid samples (serum, plasma, blood, urine ...), solid tissues, nucleic acid, cell cultures.

·         Sample storage (-80, -20, 4, liquid nitrogen, ambient temperature) and associated data (Application Bio-e-VITRO Bank).

·         Sample transference for research projects, subject to approval by the Ethics and Scientific Committees and signature of a Cession Agreement.

·         Transfer of blood and urine derivatives samples.

·         Transfer of plasma cells samples isolated by ficoll

·         Extraction, purification, quantification and assessment of the integrity of DNA

·         Using the automatic cell counter (ADAMS) for quantifying the number of viable and total cells

·         Bioanalyzer for analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins and RNA quality control.



-        Temperature control systems (sensors for continuous recording software, telephone alarm and backup of CO2). Freezers at different temperatures -80 and -20.

-        Liquid nitrogen tanks.

-        Reader TRACKER for dimensional codes recognition of sample storage tubes.

-        Water purification system (Millipore, MilliQ).

-        Cell culture room, full equipped.

-        Automated cell counter (ADAM-MC)

-        Nucleic acid extractor (QuickGene Mini)

-        DNA quantificator (Scan-Drop).

-        Thermocycler, refrigerated centrifuge

-        Cryostat microtome

-        Networked computer application for the registration and operation of the samples, and management of space in the warehouse (Bio-e-bank, VITRO).

-        Automatic Aliquotator.

-        Measures of nucleic acids Integrity by Bioanalyzer Agilent2100.


Biobank has implemented a quality management system according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 with the following scope: "Management of biological samples from subjects and data associated with them for biomedical research: deposit agreement and treatment of samples and data, including the transfer for use in research projects".


Scientific Coordinators:

  • Dr. Fernando Liaño García, Director Científico.
  • Dra. Ana Mª Torres Redondo, Coordinador técnico y Responsable de Calidad

Phone numbers: +34 91 336 90 75 / +34 91 336 80 00

e-mail: biobanco(ELIMINAR)