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The Aragon Health Sciences Institute has a Biocomputation Unit, of a transversal nature, which supports the lines of research in Health Sciences, focused on the use and exploitation of analytical tools for the management of large volumes of sanitary, health, -omic (genomics, proteomics, etc.) and environmental data, produced or routinely collected by the Technical Scientific Services of the IACS and by the Aragonese Health System.

The increase in processing capacity, together with the development of the methodology for the treatment, integration and analysis of large volumes of data -'Big Data'- and the access, in conditions of security and respect for privacy, to health data of the population of Aragon, offer the opportunity to combine and analyze these sources of information to develop new models and tools that help advance knowledge in Health Sciences and, ultimately, the health of the population.


The objective of the Biocomputation Unit is to support basic and translational research by providing intelligence to the Aragon Health System, through the application of bioinformatics, biostatistics and computational biology techniques on the data generated by the System itself.

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