Experimental surgery

Developed by: Instituto Aragonés Ciencias de la Salud


The Experimental Surgery Service supports the development of research projects and training activities in surgery and microsurgery, in pig, sheep, rabbit and rat animal models, making available to researchers and teachers complete facilities for the adequate temporary housing of animals, a microsurgery room and three complete operating rooms fully equipped and managed by specialized personnel. It has 1,062m² and has 3 operating rooms, a microsurgery room and a necropsy operating room. It also offers all the services to house pigs, sheep, rabbits and rats necessary for experimental surgery.

Aragón Biomedical Research Center (CIBA)
Avda. San Juan Bosco, 13
50009 Zaragoza

Phone no. (+34) 976 715895
Fax no. (+34) 976 714670

email: innovacion.iacs(ELIMINAR)@aragon.es