Microscopy and Pathologal Anatomy

Developed by: Instituto Aragonés Ciencias de la Salud


Microscopy and imaging

This Unit allows the visualization, capture and optimization of digital images of biological samples and / or materials. The unit's equipment allows the analysis of a wide range of fluorophores and / or conventional stains, both at the cellular level and in tissue sections, where it is possible to optimize the image based on optical sections of the sample. Furthermore, the available infrastructure allows the monitoring of cell cultures "ex vivo" in real time.

We offer personalized technical and scientific support to research projects, since, although it is a very powerful tool, to obtain optimal results it is essential to have a good sample preparation, to know well the possibilities offered by the equipment, to know which of them is the one indicated for each type of study and optimize its application. It includes:

  • Advice on projects
  • Experimental design
  • Training in sample processing
  • Training in equipment management
  • Interpretation of results
  • Support in the presentation and writing of results for publication

Our personal resources and equipment allow:

  • Cellular visualization: bright field (BF), phase contrast (Ph) and differential interference contrast (DIC).
  • Fluorescence Microscopy: presence / absence or localization of an antigen and / or cell compartment using fluorophores or fluorescent probes. Possibility of visualization by epifluorescence (global visualization of the sample) or by confocal microscopy (visualization of optical sections of the sample).
  • "Ex vivo" cell tracking in real time: possibility to capture images along a time sequence.
  • Image analysis.

Pathological anatomy

We offer support to researchers who work with animal models of human diseases or with human samples dedicated to biomedical research, providing them with a wide range of histopathological techniques as well as help in the selection of the appropriate methods of taking samples and preserving them until its processed. Among our objectives, we highlight the fact of offering cutting-edge equipment in histopathology and the development of techniques under user demand.

We have established a collaboration with the Comparative Pathology Laboratory directed by Marcelo de las Heras, Professor of Veterinary Histology and Pathological Anatomy and Diploma from the European College of Veterinary Pathology, who has extensive experience in Pathology of both domestic and laboratory animals and that offers advice on the design of experiments, interpretation of results and preparation of anatomopathological studies in conjunction with the Unit.

We have the technical means and knowledge necessary to carry out the techniques that include the processing of animal and human samples for biomedical research, including carving, embedding in paraffin and OCT, as well as routine and special staining techniques.

We also offer the immunohistochemical characterization of samples, the development of antibodies for immunohistochemical staining and laser microdissection.

We have specialized equipment for the processing of materials included in resin (implants, biomaterials, bone) by means of the EXAKT band saw and polishing system.

We also offer personalized technical and scientific advice throughout the process from sampling to microscope observation.

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