Cell Separation and Cytometry

Developed by: Instituto Aragonés Ciencias de la Salud


It allows obtaining information on the physical and chemical characteristics of cells or particles in suspension that pass through a light source (laser). The flow cytometer uses laser excitation and a system for detecting the light signal emitted by the interrogated cell to measure parameters such as cell size and complexity, DNA content, presence of membrane or intracellular proteins, integrity of the cytoplasmic membrane, the potential of the mitochondrial membrane or the enzyme activity.

We provide:

  • Analytical cytometry, Cell Separation and Cytometry services by two different systems: using a cytometer-separator and using magnetic microsphere technology, as well as multiplex analysis of protein concentration, transcription factors and post-translational modifications.
  • The equipment we have allows the analysis of multiple parameters by cytometry and the simultaneous separation of up to 4 different cell populations with high purity.
  • Advice on the design of experiments related to the technology offered
  • Training in the handling of certain units of the unit
  • Analysis of the obtained results

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