Unit of non-ionizing radiation

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)


Since 1982 this team has investigated different aspects of the in vivo and in vitro effects of non-ionizing radiation (NIR). Several of its members are part of national and international committees and agencies, and are consultants for protection against RNI. The Scientific Coordinator of the Unit belongs to the Board of Directors of the European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA) and the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society for Radiological Protection (SEPR). The unit works in interdisciplinary projects investigating the bioeffects of RNI in the ELF-MW range, including RF signals telecommunication and radar, and used in new electromagnetic therapies. The Unit works with the SEPR in the Scientific Committees and Drafting of the Journal of Radiation Protection, and leading the Working Group RNI.

Equipment / Know-How of the relevant group

• Laboratories with complete equipment for evaluation of cellular response to exposure to non-ionizing radiation in the ELF range - RF.
 • CO2 incubators for cell culture and exposure RNI.
• Systems of exposure to ELF magnetic fields and RF in vitro: Coils Helmholt, Waveguides for in vitro exposure to radiofrequency - radar (RF -MW) Stimulators - signal generators in the ELF range - MW.
• Exposure Systems streams of 0.5 MHz: Toys Models Cret System D-570 and TECAR HRC 902, electrodes for in vitro stimulation.
• Anechoic chamber: 260 x 270 cm surface, for in vivo exposure to radio frequencies up to 10 GHz, located in the animal house.
• Instruments for measuring ambient magnetic field: meter WG-3 EFA fields in the range 5 Hz - 2 kHz, Gaussmeter portable magnetic field probe-3 EFA (Wandel & Golterman GmbH & Co. Germany) density range magnetic flux 10 nT - 100 mT, Accuracy: ± 3% ± 1 nT to 40 nT ≥ B
• Personal dosimeters Emdex II to fields in the range 40 Hz - 800 Hz.
• Meter PMM 8053 to RF fields in the range 100 kHz - 3 GHz.

The services are offered to at researchers, businesses, communities or individuals.
Both the equipment and the experimental protocols and measurement have been approved and validated by expert evaluators and specialized laboratories in Europe and the United States. The group has the experience and necessary for measurements and reports instrumental evaluation.

- Research (R & D): Detection and characterization of biological responses in vitro or in vivo to electrical or magnetic stimuli in the ELF range - RF generated by industrial or use in electrical, magnetic or electrothermal therapy equipment.
- Using an anechoic chamber for research studies in vivo RF stimuli, located on the premises of the animal house at University Hospital Ramón y Cajal.
- Measurements of exposure to non-ionizing radiation in residential or occupational environments in the range: power frequency (50 Hz) - radiofrequency (RF, up to 3 GHz).
- Consulting in security and protection against non-ionizing radiation in residential or occupational environments.
- Advice to public institutions and companies to implement radiation protection measures to RNI established by local or international regulations.
- Expert reports and evaluation reports of non-ionizing radiation, from own measurements or made by other professionals.
- Seminars and training courses to non-ionizing radiation protection.
- Teaching: conducting laboratory practice, tutored papers, final projects and master / thesis for college students.


Datos de Contacto
Responsable: Alejandro Úbeda Maeso
Contacto (Tel. /mail): 91 336 86 99 // 91 729 34 75 // aurora.delgado@hrc.es