Histology Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)


Histology Unit


Histology Unit offers different basic equipment to perform: a) histological slices from paraffin and frozen brain or other tissues, b) basic histological stains, c) fixing in vivo tissues by intra-aortic perfusion d) animals immunohistochemistry.

We also offer our Technical and Scientific advice for tissue processing and supervision of instruments managing.

Equipment / Know-How of the relevant group
- Cryostat Microm HM550 model for frozen tissue samples.
- Microtome Microm HM325 model for tissue samples in paraffin.
- Peristaltic pump for in vivo infusions in animals.
- Chemical Hood.

a) histological sections (both freezing and paraffin) of brain and other tissues,

b) basic histological stains,

c) intra-aortic in vivo perfusion for tissue fixation

d) immunohistochemistry


 Eulalia Bazán Izquierdo and Diana Reimers Cerdá
(Phone. /eMail): +34 91 336 81 68 eulalia.bazan@hrc.es  / diana.reimers@hrc.es