Confocal Microscopy Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)


The Central Support Unit of Confocal Microscopy provides facilities for all methodologies related to conventional and confocal microscopy.

Equipment / Know-How of the relevant group
- Nikon inverted microscope ECLIPSE Ti-e: Objectives Plan Fluor 10X (AN 0.3), 20x Plan Apo VC (AN 0.75), 40x Plan Apo (AN 0.95) and VC Plan Apo 60X OIL (AN 1.4), motorized, epilfuorescents block filters.
- Module Nikon Confocal C1: 3 solid state lasers (405 nm, 561nm, 638 nm) and multiline argon ion laser (488 nm), scanning unit, Detector of three simultaneous channels.
- Digital camera for photography DS-2MV.
- Cell incubation System for in vivo studies with temperature and humidity control, and gas perfusion system.
- Training online for job acquisition and image analysis.
- Station off-line dedicated to image analysis.

• Confocal Microscopy: confocal microscopy images from fixed samples (Images for multiple labeling, multi-location (X, Y, Z), FRAP)
• in vivo Confocal Microscopy: study of in vivo samples (cell culture with fluorescent labels) for a time sequence through a cell incubation system.

• Conventional and Epifluorescence Microscopy: Acquisition of images from transmitted light (classical staining, immunohistochemistry) or immunofluorescence. Big size Imaging ("Stitching").
• Image processing and analysis.


Eulalia Bazán Izquierdo and Diana Reimers Cerdá
Phone. /eMail: +34 91 336 81 68  /