Innovation Management

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Santiago de Compostela (IDIS)


  • ·       Management of Intellectual Property: Through the node we advise, we manage and process the actions for protection  the rights of intellectual property of the research projects results emerged in the IDIS property.

    · Management of public aid and calls for innovation and / or recovery: We inform researchers about all the calls available at regional, national and European level. We also help in the management procedures and drafting of relevant documents.

    · Transfer of knowledge: by developing licensing agreements, transfers of use, etc.

    · Advice for creating technology-based companies and spin-off: from node we advise researchers how to create the EBT or spin-off that arise. We make the efforts and contacts with relevant agencies.

    · Negotiation of contracts with various agents: We advise and assist in the management of institutional, public and private contracts.

    · Support for the technologies commercialization: Search for commercial or financial partners needed to reach the market. besides actively seeking companies with technological interests and venture capital management companies that may be interested in developing and economically exploit inventions.