Innovation Support Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia


The Innovation Support Unit has the mission to foster, boost and disseminate an innovative culture, providing a suitable framework for creating multi-institutional and inter-disciplinary teams to collaborate in the joint design of technologies enabling them to find solutions to as yet unresolved clinical problems.

The Unit has the objective of turning ideas into benefits for patients and wealth for the country.

It acts as a bridge between the members of the first Health Research Institute in the Basque Country, in the beautiful setting of San Sebastian, home to Health R+D, Universities, Research Centres, Technology Centres and Companies.

Thanks to its participation in the Medical Technology Innovation Network the Innovation Support Unit aims to boost translational research by generating innovation in the non-pharmacological sector of medical and health technologies and material in regard to equipment, devices, reagents, materials and ICT in healthcare.

Its activities are mainly aimed at ensuring that the R+D results of public-private collaboration reach society as a whole.

The Unit provides the following services:

  • Support from the moment a clinical need is detected by a health worker.

  • Search and assessment of already existing technological solutions.

  • Search for partners and advice on the preparation of R+D projects.

  • Search for funding.

  • Advice to researchers on intellectual property.

  • Advice to researchers on exploitation of results agreements.

  • Negotiating with third parties licences on intellectual property and exploitation of results in projects involving participation by the Institute.

Manager: Arantza Abad Alba, Ph.D.

Contact (Tel./email): +34 943 006256;