Projects Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia


This Unit deals with the management of public and private aid for research schemes from international, national, autonomous and local financing bodies.

The Unit has main objective to procure resources for funding the scientific activities carried out both by researchers at the BioDonostia HRI and the Donostia University Hospital and by researchers at the centres making it up.

Its tasks are as follows:

  • Daily review of newsletters, journals, press, funding bodies’ websites, etc. in search of new aid schemes for research (Projects, Human Resources, Training, Scientific Communication, etc.).

  • Dissemination of the aid schemes both to the Institute’s researchers and to the member centres.

  • Publication of aid schemes on the Institute’s website.

  • Advice on preparing aid applications to financing agencies (requisites, documentation, etc.).

  • Review and processing of aid applications to financing agencies.

  • Processing of requests for project appraisal by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CREC).

  • Dissemination and management of the rulings for granting aid to researchers and the processing of corrections.

  • Advice for the Support Units and the researchers in project-related matters.

Manager: Marisabel Arzamendi Sesé Ph.D.

Contact (Tel./email): +34 943 006285;