Promotion of Research

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur


One of the objectives of the IISGS is to foster the organization of activities for the dissemination of research. The Institute's managing body, the Galicia Sur Biomedical Foundation, organizes all kind of scientific events (courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, and other), in collaboration with researchers. Our staff performs tasks of technical secretariat, economic management of the event, and when required, applies for accreditation to the "Galician Regional Accrediting System for Continuing Education of health professionals (SAGa)".

In addition, the Institute offers a program of courses oriented to specific training in research and innovation.

Paula Cerezo Álvarez – Vigo
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Pedro García Puig – Pontevedra
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Inés Garrido González – Ourense
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