PAIN Platform

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz


The PAIN Platform-Plataforma de Apoyo al Investigador Novel, from IdiPAZ is a recently created service that aims to promote the design and development of research projects in several health areas, with high methodological quality, to enable our professionals in early-stage research. Additionally, to promote the training and development of early career researchers of IdiPAZ.

Portfolio of Services

• Methodological support to the study design of the earlystage researchers 

• Technical and methodological support in developing a research protocol for a study

• Methodological support to write grant proposals to access all available funding programs 

• Technical support in writing other scientific documents


Paloma Gómez Campelo


Tfno: 91 207 15 12


FIS 2016 Evaluation Comission Projects

Eduardo López-Collazo

Francisco Arnalich Fernández

Amparo Cano García

Jesús Mingorance Cruz

Javier de Castro Carpeño

Paloma Gómez Campelo