Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz



IdiPAZ’s Biobank main objective is to promote biomedical research, which will increase and enhance the quality of scientific production in Spain.

Biobank’s work is specialized in the management of human biological samples for biomedical research (register, processing, storage and final assignment) in compliance with Spain’s present legislation Law14/2007 on Biomedical Research and the Royal Decree of Biobanks 1716/2011. Thus the confidentiality of the samples and associated data will be guaranteed. IdiPAZ’s Biobank also offers the scientific community the use of its equipment and the support of its professionals through an extensive offer of samples and services.


Sample storage

Sample services

Transfer os samples

Technical and scientific advice

  • Creating and managing new collections.
  • Working methodology.
  • Quality control samples for treatment of DNA / RNA.
  • Training for use of Biobank management software.

Scientific Director

María Eugenia García Fernández

Technical Coordinator

Marina Arranz Álvarez

Pathology and Cytology Technician:

Álvaro Pelayo Martínez

Clinical Analysis Technician

Elisabeth Moreno Lorenzo




Tfno: 91 207 11 91

Science coordinator: 91 207 10 85