Comunication and Science popularization

Developed by: Fundació Institut d´Investigació en Ciències de la Salut Germans Trias i Pujol


IGTP communication activities have taken place with the collaboration of the Germans Trias Hospital communications team.


Noteworthy events:

  • Germans Trias creates a new calculator that increases accuracy in the risk-of-death prognosis of patients with heart failure.
  • Germans Trias commences a trial to treat multiple sclerosis with stem cells from the patients themselves.
  • A new international study involving Germans Trias cures Hepatitis C in 96% of patients without cirrhosis who have not received previous treatment.
  • A new pioneering method and world first allows paramedics to identify whetherpatients have suffered the most serious types ofstroke, in the ambulance.
  • Germans Trias successfully completes the clinical trial for the probiotic that will be used to prevent the development of tuberculosis


In 2014, 17 press releases on research at Can Ruti Campus were produced.


The Instituto Germans Trias Twitter account continues to consolidate itself as an information point for all members of the public and scientists interested in receiving information about biomedical research financing options and calls for applications. It is also a tool for disseminating the scientific activity of Germans Trias and Can Ruti Campus.There are other research institutions at the campus that also have Twitter accounts: @IMPPC, @IrsiCaixa, @IGuttmann, @FLSida and @ceeiscat.In 2014, a video to promote crowdfunding to support research by Germans Trias into Friedreich's Ataxia had nearly 4,000 views and is an important component in achieving the objective set.


The IGTP took part in a Live Research Event, at the University of Barcelona.For three days, Germans Trias researchers moved part of their laboratory to the Edificio Histórico of the University of Barcelona to invite the general public to take part in their projects and resolve enigmas by employing scientific methodology.

Research close-up. The "Research close-up" project has been organised, designed and developed by the Local Schools and Work Service of the Education Area of Badalona Council and Instituto Germans Trias. The project is designed to encourage young people who enjoy science and technology to become interested in research, through the researchers nearest to them: those at Can Ruti Campus, Badalona. Visits made:• 12 November 2015Visit Maristas Mataró30 students• 18 November 2015Student visit Biomedicine UAB60 students• 20 November 2015 Science week240 students

19th Germans Trias science weekAs part of the high-school science event organised by Badalona Council and the 19th Science week, Instituto Germans Trias organised a range of activities to promote science, which included an exhibition of posters about recent publications, shown in hospital vestibules. Institutional researchers who perform their work at Can Ruti Campus explained to more than 240 students from Badalona what engaging in research means. The students visited various facilities at Can Ruti Campus: the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST), the Multipurpose Clinical Research Unit (UPIC), the facilities of the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), the Institute of Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer (IMPPC), the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC), the IGTP, the Guttmann Institute and the Teaching Unit of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.


Newsletter. In September 2014, the IGTP newsletter will be 6 years old. Nearly 300 issues have been published, for 4,000 readers.The newspaper comes out weekly.It gives a list of any new offers for financial assistance that have been published, training activities, job offers, publications and new research activities being performed at the IGTP.
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