Methodology & Statistics Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur


The Methodology and Statistics Unit del IIS Galicia Sur  (known by its Spanish acronym UME) of the Galicia Sur Health Research Institute offers methodological, epidemiological and statistical support for research proposals, theses, articles, conference papers, and other scientific and technical activities.

Methodological Support

    • Methodological advice on designing and conducting different types of studies: experimental (clinical trials) or observational (cohorts, case-control, cross-sectional…)
    • Identification of objectives and hypothesis in biomedical research
    • Reviewing and evaluation of projects, articles and reports
    • Critical appraisal of biomedical articles

Statistical Support

    • Calculation of sample size for different types of studies
    • Database design and development
    • Descriptive and bivariate analysis
    • Diagnostic tests and ROC curve studies
    • Survival analysis
    • Multivariate analysis using regression techniques: linear, logistic and Cox regressions
    • Interpretation and discussion of results


Ángel Salgado Barreira
+34 986 217 455

Cristina Martínez Reglero
+34 986 217 457